About us

We are a small team with a highly skilled workforce. Our goal is to deliver reliable work with positive energy. Let’s enjoy innovating together!
Why working with us?
Because we are experts
Because we deliver high quality
Meet the team
Marguerite Leenhardt
CEO, PhD stud. – Co-founder
Digital Conversations Analysis expert. 8+ years in web studies. Linguistic Engineering and Qualitative Big Data Science specialist.
Gaël Patin
CSO, PhD – Co-founder
Multilingual Semantic Engines Expert. 7+ years in Software Engineering. Natural Language Processing specialist.
Julien Piquot
CTO, M. Sc.
Worldwide traveler. +8 years in Software Engineering. Semantic Web and Knowledge Management expert. Information Retrieval specialist.
Ekaterina Khekalo
Studies Manager, MSc. in Information Management
Worldwide traveler. +6yrs in Multilingual Information Analysis. Qualitative Analysis specialist.